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This is just a derpy mini-poster I did for my Night Vale cosplay, and I figured that I’d share.

Graphic Design isn’t really my thing…  But I don’t think this is too terrible.  I tried to do some neat things, like, have the day lit desert on the side that says “The sun is hot” and the nighttime  town on the side that says “The moon is beautiful.”  I thought turning the radio tower into the A for the start of the text was pretty fun.  Hopefully it’s not too difficult to read.

 I tried to include bits from the logo, such as the water tower and telephone lines, ad well as things from the show, such as the Dark Planet that is lit by no sun,  the enormous philosophical Pyramid that the Sherrif’s Secret Police failed to arrest (and I used the Night Vale Logo to also make it something akin to the All Seeing Eye), and of course, I had to include the dead-animal raining Glow Cloud (All Hail.)  You know… stuff like that.

Anyway, thanks for looking!






I will never get over the hate that surrounds Ohio.




While it is in poor taste to modify previous posts, I likely wouldn’t reblog if I didn’t.  My apologies cultofthepigeon.


I will admit Ohio is mostly a sleepy little state.  I grew up there.  After college did I go to Florida (land that attracts the self-entitled selfish tourists)?  Yep.  And while there’s not a ton to do, and there are large stretches that are fields…  And cows…  And graveyards… (!!!)  …You’ve bypassed the neat things Ohio has.  It’s start with a laughable (but fun) little thing:

Young’s Jersey Dairy

Young’s is a working Jersey Dairy.  Cows.  Goats.  You can feed those goats.  BUT, you can go to the main restaurant and get a great burger and ice cream, OR you can go to the Golden Jersey Inn and get a nicer dinner.  Like miniature golfing?  Go to Udders and Putters.  C’mon, Tumblr, I know you like puns.  And BTW, that Ice cream?  AMAZING.  Some of the best I ever had, and they use FRESH strawberries every summer.  Seriously, their ice cream is amazing.

Foy’sLocated in Foyborn Fairborn, Ohio, Foy’s is a knick-knack novelty shop known for it’s WALL of Halloween masks.  It grew so popular that it opened a restaurant, TWO costume shops, a haunted house store, and every Halloween, THIS is how Mr. Foy decorates his yard:BTW, that big skeleton is robotic.  It stands up.  And that’s only Foy’s in a nutshell.

Serpent Mound

Wikipedia literally says this on the subject: 

Researchers have attributed construction of the mound to three different prehistoric indigenous cultures. Although it was once thought to be Adena in origin, now based on the use of more advanced technology, including carbon dating and evidence from 1996 studies, many scholars now believe that members of the Fort Ancient culture built it about 1070 CE (plus or minus 70 years). There are still anomalies to be studied. Serpent Mound is the largest serpent effigy in the world.

Seriously, HOW COOL IS THAT.  

King’s Island

The largest amusement park in the midwest, KI is known for its coasters.  You like suspended coasters?  Yeah, well, this park did it first with a (now gone) coaster called The Bat.  In fact, my favorite wooden coaster is there, The Beast.  Which, by the way, (now again) is the world’s tallest, fastest and longest wooden coaster in the world.  Better still?  It’s in the woods!  Nothing beats the roar of a wooden coaster through a mist-filled fall twilit evening in fall.  Seriously, I LOVE this coaster.

Cedar Point


Owned now by the same company, Cedar Point is even more famous than KI.  Speaking of coasters, how about a thrill park on a PENINSULA.  And you get to the top and look out and ALL YOU CAN SEE IS THE WATER OF LAKE ERIEE.  It’s coasters at various points have held speed and height records for STEEL coasters.  My favorite steel ever coaster is Millinium Force, with a lift hill so high you have enough time to ponder your life and question your decision.  Does it loop?  Nope.  It just BANKS SO HARD your head is pointing to 4:30!


Never been, but I’ll be changing that very soon.  A rather new bi-annual con that’s quickly growing, they’ve set up a feudal village outside by a lake.  There’s a pool rave, REAL Mario Cart, GeoCache ‘Em All, a costume contest and more!  Literally the most beautiful Anime con I’ve ever heard about.  Don’t believe me?  Check out  THIS TUMBLR POST or THEIR WEB SITE.

SO SERIOUSLY GUYS OHIO HAS SOME COOL STUFF. It’s just an introverted state. (◕‿◕✿)

In addition, not only does Ohio have cool stuff like its own werewolf legend up in Defiance, but it also has stuff like this:

The Moonville Tunnel:

 photo the_moonville_tunnel_by_nashoba_hostina-d5iaa38_zps42015256.jpg

Moonville is a ghost town that’s all but rotted away, save for the foundations, a graveyard, some old telephone poles and A SLENDERMAN-WORTHY CREEPY AS HECK RAILROAD TUNNEL.  Oh.  And it’s haunted too.

Wait… what? Too creepy?  


Landolls Mohican Castle

 photo landoll-s-mohican-castle_zpscb427035.jpg

See this beautiful place? See it?  That’s an American school of witchcraft and wizardry right there.  Not even kidding, HP Ohio holds their annual Crystal Ball here.  And you know what? This is a hotel.  YOU CAN STAY HERE. LIVE THE MAGIC.

What? Too fantastical? How about we grit it up with this:

Loveland Castle

 photo lovelandcastle_zpsf9d31373.jpg

Once a year this place is the location of a fantasy masquerade event that lasts so long Cinderella can’t stay for all of it. IT’S A FREAKING PARTY AT A CASTLE. And it’s not just a facade, either, it’s got tiered event gardens, a feast hall, suits of armor set up inside, even a tiny dungeon.  To top it off, it’s a wee museum!

Speaking of museums…

Cincinnati Museum Center

 photo family-vacations-cincinnati-museum-center_zpsa38d9a2e.jpg

 Forget school, forget college, THIS IS A PLACE TO GO TO LEARN SOME COOL STUFF.

Wanna go spelunking? No prob, it has a cave reproduction that’s HUGE: 

 photo IMG_9199_zps9d0c57fa.jpg

You can FEEL LIKE A STARK in Game of Thrones by HANGING OUT WITH LIFE SIZE REPLICA DIRE WOLVES in this walkthrough diorama with other life-size creatures like the smilodon, mastodon, megatherium and more!

 photo 44_big_zpsae916221.jpg

And of course you can’t forget the historical section THAT TAKES YOU BACK IN TIME FASTER THAN THE TARDIS:

 photo full-Public-Landing--Robert_zpsba8a3f1b.gif

What? You don’t want to be inside?  Fine, forget the animal specimens and replicas, it’s time to get real at…

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

 photo ColumbusZoo_8-20-2011_0004-L_zps8a031199.jpg

ITS ANIMAL LEVEL IS OVER 9,000.  No really.  It has over nine thousand animals featured in eight different exhibits.  In addition, this place is the natural habitat of the extremely rare JACK FREAKIN’ HANNA. 

I mean, look at this cool theming:

 photo Entrance_to_-Asia_Quest-_Columbus_Zoo_and_Aquarium_2007_zps3f1236db.jpg

And it just finished its new Heart of Africa expansion!

 photo Heart_of_Africa_Slide_zps1042b89f.jpg

Oh, and if somehow, you get bored of looking at all of those majestic creatures, IT ALSO HAS A WATERPARK.

 photo 258692_166305663431824_149753145087076_453078_5786962_o_zpseb4a6c3b.jpg

Huh? Aww, you’re allergic to animals, but still want natural splendor? Let me intorduce you to a NATURAL MARVEL called:

Ash Cave

 photo caveash_zps1e7844eb.jpg

No, this isn’t some Narnian hideaway, this horseshoe shaped cave is in OHIO.  It’s 700 feet from one end to the other, and it’s rim is 90 FREAKING FEET ABOVE YOUR HEAD. 

And that’s leaving out cool stuff like the air force museum, Ohio caverns and more!

So, yeah.  Run from Ohio.  RUN FROM OHIO’S AWESOMENESS.


why are these so perfect

These are all perfect because the dragons and riders resemble one another in varying ways. For instance, let’s look at the young Vikings: 

Fishlegs and Meatlug’s similarity is obvious: They’re chunky. 

Ruffnut and Tuffnut are nearly identical, and so are the heads of their dragon, Barf and Belch.  

Snotlout has dark hair, and Hookfang has dark horns.

Astrid’s blue eyes are mirrored  in the color of Stormfly’s scales. 

And, of course, Hiccup and Toothless share the same eye color; the eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, and theirs are the same.

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